4 Seoul Burger Restaurants To Visit When You’re Craving


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Just to be clear: this is not a ranked list of the best burger spots in Seoul. However, what we have below are options that will definitely not disappoint! Whether you’re looking to have a traditional or an out-of-the box burger experience, consider booking any of the following restaurants that serve the American classic, and then some:

1. Yellow Burger


Located in the hip district of Kondae (Konkuk University Area), Yellow Burger serves delightful burgers in a rooftop setting. If you want to feast on good-quality and affordable burgers on a weekend, this is where to go. You can try their signature menu item called Yellow Burger, which is their homemade classic that comes with egg. Or, if you’re feeling hungry and adventurous, then you can go with the King of the Mushroom (big fat burger with creamy mushrooms) or the Volcano Surfer (burger with Bolognese and melted cheddar cheese).

Yellow Burger’s menu items start at ₩11,000 or $9, but your can book below at discounted rates starting at ₩10,450 or $8.8.


2. Somoon


Somoon is a unique Seoul burger joint with a fanfare. Instead of buns, they use cheesy and fluffy omelettes to sandwich their burger. I was a little hesitant to try this place myself, but the concept is too intriguing, so I gave in and popped in for brunch. Two things that I liked: the main components of the dish were hot (I hate eggs left at room temperature) and all the textures and flavors really came together. The burger was moist, and the eggs, flavorful. It’s something that I definitely would recommend to my friends who are visiting Seoul.

3. Barney Burger


If you’re in or near Gangnam and are craving for some tasty American-style burgers, then visit Barney Burger. This is a casual Seoul burger joint that makes awesome cheeseburgers (They have a version with ricotta cheese!). If you like your patty with bacon or mushroom, they also have selections that just hit the spot.

A set meal at Barney Burger (comes with gooey cheese sticks or cheese balls!) starts at ₩14,100, but you can have one below starting at ₩10,800!

4. Burger de Joseon (버거드조선)

Finally, a Seoul burger joint in a hanok — yes, a traditional Korean house! Situated near Gyeongbokgung, the homey Burger de Joseon (경복궁 버거드조선) is the perfect restaurant to visit for lunch break or if you plan to tour the palaces. Here, you can enjoy a classic cheeseburger paired with some tender karaage or fries. The food here definitely satisfies, but the ambience amplifies the experience.

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