Seoul to Everland: 4 Ways to Get to the Theme Park



  • There are a couple of ways to go from Seoul to Everland, including the shuttle bus, train, and a dedicated taxi called EverCab.
  • Most visitors prefer taking the Shuttle Bus since it picks up from multiple locations in Seoul. A ticket usually costs ₩12,000 or $10.7 per person, but you can book this roundtrip option for a much lower price of ₩9,500 or $8.45!
  • WAUG is the No. 1 activity booking platform from South Korea. If you’re not a member yet, you can download the app here, sign up, and get a ₩3,000 or $3 discount coupon for your first booking 🎉

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How to Get to Everland From Seoul


If you’re planning your first visit to Everland Theme Park in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, know that there are a couple of ways that you can get there from Seoul. You can choose to go via shuttle bus, public bus, train, car, or taxi. Personally, I think the best option is the shuttle bus for reasons that I’ll share shortly below, but to help you select the best option for you, also consider the other modes of transportation:

1. Seoul to Everland via Shuttle Bus

Ideal for families.

Whenever we visit Everland, we always take the Shuttle Bus for three reasons: it picks up from multiple locations in Seoul, gets you straight to the attraction, and costs a reasonable amount for a roundtrip ticket. Unlike the regular bus and trains, the shuttle does not stop midway and guarantees seating for guests. This means that you get to minimize the travel time and have more fun in the theme park.

There are two types of Seoul to Everland Shuttle Buses that you can book — one from WAUG and one from Everland T. Let’s have a closer look below (price and info may change without notice):

Shuttle Bus
(Everland T)
Shuttle Bus
1. Ticket Price
2. Earliest
Pickup time
3. Earliest Departure time
from Everland
4. Travel time40-70 min40-60 min
5. Guaranteed Seating✔️✔️
6. Pick-up Points
in Seoul
Gangnam Stn.
Shinnonhyeon Stn.
Yeongdeungpo Stn.
Sindorim Stn., etc.
Gangnam Stn.
Shinnonhyeon Stn.
Yeongdeungpo Stn.
Sindorim Stn.
Learn More >Learn More >

As you can see above, the Everland T Shuttle Bus departs from Seoul starting at 8:50am. It then leaves the theme park at 6:30pm, with a travel time of 70 minutes tops. As for the cost, tickets are priced at ₩12,000 or $10.7 for both adults and children.

In comparison, this Seoul to Everland Shuttle Bus on WAUG only costs ₩9,500 or $8.5. It leaves Everland at 7pm, guarantees seating, and picks up at the following locations:

  • Yeongdeungpo at 8:40am
  • Sindorim at 8:50am
  • Sinnonhyeon Station at 9:25am
  • Gangnam Station at 9:30am

If you want to minimize your commute time and maximize your time in the theme park, go ahead and book your roundtrip transfer below:


2. Seoul to Everland via Bus #5002

If you want to go from Seoul to Everland via a public or regular bus, then consider taking Bus 5002. It’s one of the local buses that originate from Seoul and make a stop near the theme park, so a lot of people — sometimes too many! — take this option. You can take this bus when you get off at Gangnam Station, Exit 5 or 10. The travel time varies and can take around 50-70 minutes, if not more.


The roundtrip fare for the local Bus 5002 costs around ₩5,200 or $4. As it is a public bus, do note that seats are not guaranteed.

3. Seoul to Everland via Subway

Getting to Everland via subway is possible but not really recommended. First, the travel time from key points in Seoul (like Myeongdong and Hongdae) takes more than 2 hours, and that’s just one-way. Second, you’ll have to make multiple transfers, which is really inconvenient if you don’t like a lot of movement. (Even if you don’t mind walking to transfer or standing inside the subway, it’s better to save your energy for the theme park.)

Here’s a screenshot of my Google Maps search for Myeongdong to Everland via subway:


Here’s one if you’re coming from Hongdae:


From Jeondae, Everland Station, Exit 3, you will have to hop on another shuttle bus to reach the theme park (also applies if you’ll ride any local bus). The additional ride is free and takes 5 minutes. Expect to shell out around ₩5,700 or $4.7 if you’ll take the subway to Everland and vice-versa.

4. Seoul to Everland via Taxi (EverCab)

Finally, we get to the taxi that you can take to go from Seoul to Everland: EverCab. This is a certified taxi service that you can book on Everland-T. Expect the fare to be a lot higher as it is a premium transportation option. You can learn more about it here.

How to Book a Seoul to Everland Shuttle Bus Ticket on WAUG


If you are unfamiliar with booking tickets and transportation online, here are the 5 easy steps:

  1. Log in or sign up for WAUG here. (New members get ₩3,000 or $3 off first booking 🎉)
  2. Visit the Everland Shuttle Bus booking page here. You can switch the currency to HKD, SGD, PHP, NTD, IDR, and USD, among other options.
  3. Select the date and provide your information.
  4. Check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX card.
  5. Wait for your voucher, which we’ll send via the WAUG app.

Is your method of payment issued in South Korea? Switch the page’s currency to KRW to activate the local card processor and see other options, like mobile payment!

If you’ll travel to the theme park with kids, know that children under the age of 3 are free of charge, but seats will not be allocated. (Tip: If you plan to purchase your Everland admission ticket onsite, you can use your T-Money card to get 10% off. This promotion is valid until December 31, 2020.)

Get Excited for Everland Korea!

Now that you know the ways to go from Seoul to Everland, watch this video from the theme park’s official YouTube channel!

To learn more about the attractions at Everland, operational status, and the latest announcements, you may visit their website here.

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Featured image from Icha Saridewi Hanafiah via Facebook.