LOOK: Enhanced Arrival Procedure at Changi Airport


All passengers, staff, and air crew must wear a mask inside Changi Airport premises at all times.

Cleaning robot at Changi airport. Credit: Avidbots


  • All travelers that will fly into Changi Airport will be subject to temperature screening.
  • Starting June 8, travelers from six provinces in China that have a business or official purpose may be exempt from the 2-week quarantine via the fast lane scheme.
  • Approved visitors will not be permitted to take public transportation. Instead, they must use a private vehicle to get around the country.
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UPDATE as of 2020 June 8

Effective today, the Fast Lane scheme at Changi Airport will be open to those who will take flights between Singapore and these provinces in China: Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Chongqing, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang.

The scheme exempts covered passengers from a quarantine period of up to 14 days. However, they must seek approval from relevant authorities, submit an itinerary, and do COVID-19 swab tests.

Safety Measures & Arrival Procedure at Changi Airport

While not everyone can visit Singapore just yet, it will be good to know the measures that they have in place, especially if you have plans to travel in the next few months. Below we’ve listed a couple of precautions at Changi Airport, which are most likely to be around for quite some time:

A frontliner disinfects a check-in kiosk at Changi.

1. Temperature screening

Changi Airport staff checks the body temperature of all passengers, regardless of whether they’re just arriving, transiting, or leaving Singapore. Those who show respiratory symptoms will be referred to a physician-on-duty. (The measure also applies to airport workers who will enter the transit area.)

2. Mandatory wearing of masks

Everyone’s required to wear a mask at all times inside Changi Airport. Those who need to buy one can go to any of the pharmacies or convenience stores inside the terminal.

Furthermore, hand sanitizer stations are provided (there’s more than a thousand installed in the terminals!), and everyone’s encouraged to use them.


3. Safe distancing in all amenities

This includes the smoking, nursing, and prayer rooms, as well as seating areas, check-in kiosks, baggage claim, and immigration halls.

4. Frequent disinfecting

To ensure a safe experience for travelers and staff, Changi Airport has frequent sanitation rounds. They cover everything from the amenities and automated check-in kiosks to door handles, counters, and elevator buttons. Autonomous cleaning equipment (or those adorbs airport robots!) are also deployed to disinfect the floors.

5. Antimicrobial surface coating

To kill the coronavirus and germs, the airport staff also coat frequently-touched surfaces.



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