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Must-See Animals & Themed Zones in Singapore Zoo

Planning to buy Singapore Zoo tickets? If it’s your first time to visit or returning after quite some time, know that there’s a lot of new zones and residents that await you. With nearly 3,000 creatures from 300 species that call Singapore Zoo their home, you will surely have one of the best wildlife encounters here. Here are some of the things you can expect:

Singapore Zoo map.

1. African safari adventure with lions, rhinos, zebras, and more

Singapore Zoo has over 11 themed zones, but one that really struck us the most is the zone called Wild Africa. Not only did we find the tallest, wildest, and largest creatures here, which include African lions, Red river hogs, meerkats, and White rhinos, we also liked how the zone gave us the feeling like we were actually in Africa. On the plains you will find zebras and giraffes freely roaming around, and from the observation huts, you’ll find cheetahs and African painted dogs staring back at you.

2. Reptile encounter

Step inside Reptopia, Singapore Zoo’s reptile house filled with 60 species of reptiles and amphibians. Surround yourself with the Aldabra giant tortoise, Indian gharials, and Komodo dragons. To make the most of your visit, take a seat at the aquarium-like 270 sq.-m gallery where you can find crocodiles lurking beneath.

3. Cats and dogs at the Animal Friends Show

Aside from themed zones, Singapore Zoo also offer 3 shows including the Animal Friends Show. Let domesticated cats and dogs entertain you with their skills and tricks in this must-see 20-minute show that kids will love!

Animal Friends Show in Singapore Zoo.

4. Meals and treats at Singapore Zoo

Make the most of your visit by dining at the restaurants in Singapore Zoo! Try the hearty Kaya Toast at Inuka Café or have a filling laksa or nasi lemak lunch at Chomel Bistro. Feeling a bit hot and sticky? Drop by New Zealand Natural and get a scoop of their Chocolate Ecstasy or Macadamia Supreme ice cream!

Singapore Zoo Tickets: Price & Deals

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Tram in Singapore Zoo
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Address & Hours

Singapore Zoo is located in 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826. They are open all year round from 8:30am-6pm.

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Featured images from Mandai Wildlife Group.