Best Ski Lessons in Korea: Elysian, Vivaldi, High1, & More


Private Ski Lessons in Korea for All Ages

Want to learn how to ski or snowboard in Korea? Whether you plan to visit Elysian Gangchon, Vivaldi Park, Oak Valley, Phoenix Pyeongchang, or High1, you can find personalized classes that’ll teach you all the basics! While you can sign up for a ski program offered by your preferred resort, I’d recommend booking a private instructor from a nearby ski school since they offer the same training course at a much lower price. These private instructors also keep their classes small (at most with 3 participants), so you’ll be sure to get the best instruction to help you hit the slopes in no time! Here are the following options that you can book online at a discount:

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1. Elysian Gangchon Ski Lessons by Ski Monster

If you’re living in Seoul, the most accessible resort to visit during winter is Elysian Gangchon. They’re only an hour away from Sangbong Station, which means that you spend less time on the road and more time to play! For skiing instruction, the best provider is Ski Monster, which also operates an equipment and clothing rental store!

2. Oak Valley Ski Lessons by Non-Skinan Board (넌스키난보드)

If your plan is to visit Oak Valley Ski Resort, the ski school to visit is Non-Skinan Board or 넌스키난보드. They opened at the same time that Oak Valley did, and they’re accredited by the resort to hold classes in their slopes They’re also more than willing to take your photos while you learn skiing, so documenting the experience wouldn’t be a problem!

  • Individual Training (1:1): ₩119,000
  • Couple Class (1:2): ₩74,500 per person
  • For inquiries and consultation, contact Non-Skinan Board at 033-731-5588.

3. Vivaldi Park Ski Lessons by S&S Ski Rental Shop

Another resort that’s ideal to visit for lessons is Vivaldi Park, which is quite popular among young adults. They house 12 slopes in total, and 11 of them are reserved for beginners and intermediates. If you want to learn how to ski or board with your friends, you can book the fun lessons offered by S&S Ski Rental Shop:

  • Individual Training (1:1): ₩120,000
  • Couple Class (1:2): ₩70,000 per person
  • Group Program (1:3): ₩50,000 per person
  • For inquiries and consultation, contact S&S Ski Rental at 010-7184-0030.

4. Phoenix Pyeongchang Ski Lessons by Snowland

Given its close proximity to Phoenix Pyeongchang (literally no shuttle bus needed!), Snowland is a preferred rental shop and ski/board training provider in the area. The instructors pride themselves in three things: experience, meticulousness, and kindness, so you can expect to have an enjoyable ski or snowboarding class at Phoenix Pyeongchang Resort!

  • Individual Training (1:1): ₩110,000
  • Couple Class (1:2): ₩70,000 per person
  • Group Program (1:3): ₩54,000 per person
  • For inquiries and consultation, contact Snowland at 033-333-5333.

5. High1 Ski Lessons by Hi! My Ski (하이마이스키)

Finally, if you plan to visit High1 Ski Resort, you can sign up for the dynamic ski and snowboard classes offered by Hi! My Ski (하이마이스키). Aside from the standard sessions for up to 3 people, they offer a class for 4 and 5, which is perfect for small and medium-size groups! What’s more, you can also choose between having a 2-hour class or a 4-hour class!

How to Book Ski Lessons in Korea on WAUG

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