Staying at Incheon Airport’s Matina Lounge: Review & Price


Enjoy the hot meals, resting area, and shower facility in Incheon International Airport’s Matina Lounge! Book your pass for Terminal 2 here.



  • If you’re looking for lounges in Incheon Airport (ICN), you definitely have to consider Matina. It’s good value for money and has all the amenities that travelers look for.
  • There’s a Matina Lounge in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Both offer buffet, a resting area, and conducive bathing facilities.
  • If you’d like to spend time in a more premium lounge, then visit Matina Gold Lounge in Incheon International Airport Terminal 2. It’s got sectional seating, nice massage chairs, a reading zone, and a business center.

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Matina Lounge at Incheon Airport Terminal 1

incheon airport lounge terminal 1

Got time to spare before your flight from ICN Terminal 1? Spend it well at the Matina Lounge Eastside or Matina Lounge Westside. Here are some of the things to love:

1. Amenities

Buffet Area

For travelers who need a pick-me-up, the buffet will be a treat. Here you can get your fill of Korean munchies, hot meals, beer, and wine. This is definitely an experience you wouldn’t want to miss before saying goodbye to Seoul!

닭강정 or Gangjeong Chicken for the kids and kids-at-heart!
Looking for something heavy? Matina Lounge’s buffet has options that satisfy.
There’s also the quintessential Korean food like dumplings and cup ramen!

The Eastside and Westside locations of Matina Lounge in Terminal 1 also serve breakfast. The menu usually consists of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, wedge potatoes, cereals, and salad.



Seating & Business Center

2. Price

Access to the Matina Lounge in Incheon Airport Terminal 1 costs ₩48,000 or $39 (as listed on Walkerhill, the lounge’s operator).

3. Reviews

What did visitors have to say about this Incheon airport lounge? Here are some reviews from those who booked on our app:

4. Location & Hours


Matina Lounge has two locations inside Terminal 1. There’s one near Gate 43 (Westside) and another near Gate 11 (Eastside). The two Incheon airport lounges in T1 are open from 7am-9pm. (The buffet service closes at 8:30pm.)

Matina Lounge at Incheon Airport Terminal 2

Compared to its sister locations in Terminal 1, the Matina Lounge in Incheon Airport Terminal 2 has a more modern look — something expected given that it opened not too long ago. Of course, you will find the same great service, buffet goodness, and clean amenities. Here’s what to expect:

1. Amenities

Buffet Area

Enjoy excellent buffet choices while waiting to depart Terminal 2!
Fill your plate with steamed dumplings and munchies that burst with Korean flavor!
Sweet endings at Matina Lounge Terminal 2.

If you’ve already been to Matina Lounge in the other terminal, you’ll find the buffet spread here to be more sophisticated. Among the food they typically serve in this lounge in Incheon Airport Terminal 2 are:

  • Smoked salmon & caper sauce
  • Grilled beef with sweet rice & vegetables
  • Assorted olives flavored with lemon and feta cheeses
  • Boiled beef
  • Potato pancakes with rucola
  • Grilled pork belly with perilla leaves
  • Draft beer, wine, coffee, green tea, ginseng tea and soda

Rest Area, Shower, & Business Center

2. Price

A pass to Matina Lounge in ICN Terminal 2 costs the same as Terminal 1. Originally, it’s $39 (as listed on the operator’s site), but WAUG offers it for less at around $23 or ₩27,000! Check out the rates here.

3. Reviews

What are the reviews for lounge in Incheon Airport Terminal 2? Overall, it’s great! Here are some feedback from WAUG members:


As a lounge operated by Walkerhill, the buffet is delicious, and the atmosphere is quiet and comfortable. Having a seat for one person was good. It was a pity that the time in the lounge was short.

Translated Incheon Airport Terminal 2 Lounge Review on WAUG | 2020-01-18

The food was good. There were a lot of delicious foods such as bulgogi, sweet and sour, eggs, bacon, sausages, vegetables, and desserts.

Translated Incheon Airport Terminal 2 Lounge Review on WAUG | 2019-09-24

4. Location & Hours


Matina in Terminal 2 is located on the 4/F of the Duty Area, across Gate 250. They’re open from 7am-10pm. Buffets close at 9:30pm.

Matina Gold Lounge in Incheon Airport Terminal 2

If you’re looking for a lounge in Terminal 2 that’s premium and private, visit Matina Gold Lounge. Aptly called Incheon Airport’s Gourmet Boutique Lounge, here you can expect superior service and culinary offerings that you and your party will enjoy. Here’s what you can look forward to:

1. Amenities

Buffet Area

Incheon airport terminal 2 transfer lounge
Power up your day with the best breakfast treats!
matina gold lounge review
With a wide selection of food, Matina Gold Lounge buffet will have something for everybody.
best lounge in incheon airport
Have a feast before your flight home!
matina gold lounge hours price
Fruits or chocolate? Why not indulge in both?

Premium Seating, Study, Business Center, & Bath

Some of the food that’s often served in Matina Gold Lounge (which you can look forward to!) are:

  • Salmon gravlax
  • Beef tartare bruschetta
  • Seasoned shrimp with pine nut juice
  • Spicy beef soup
  • Boiled beef with Janghyang sauce
  • Grilled fish marinated in soybean paste
  • Salmon steak & caper berry
  • Draft beer, canned beer, wine, tea, juice, etc.

2. Reviews

If you’d like to know what guests thought about this premium lounge in Incheon Airport Terminal 2, check out the following reviews on WAUG!

Incheon airport terminal 2 lounge

Such a great way to rest before [the] long flight! The food was also delicious.

Matina Gold Lounge Incheon Airport Terminal 2 Review on WAUG | 2019-07-11
incheon airport lounge amex

I loved the [coziness] of the place, and the amenities were really good.

Matina Gold Lounge Incheon Airport Terminal 2 Review on WAUG | 2019-02-07
incheon airport lounge sleep priority pass

I’ve only used the regular lounge, so this time, I went to the premium one and felt very pleased. The regular lounge is good, but if you come in during peak hours, it’ll be packed with people.

Translated Matina Gold Lounge Review on WAUG | 2019-08-16

3. Price

Entry to Matina Gold Lounge costs $50.

4. Location & Hours


Matina Gold is located on the 4/F of Incheon International Airport Terminal 2. They are open from 7am-9pm. (Last call for buffet is at 8:30pm.)

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