Guide to Sunway Lagoon: Ticket Deal & Theme Park Tips


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Visit Sunway Lagoon at a Discount

Spanning over 88 acres of land (which is about the size of 66 football fields!), Sunway Lagoon Malaysia is one massive place for leisure. Aside from their exciting water and amusement parks, they also have a wildlife center, an activity area for adrenaline junkies, a hair-raising thriller house, and the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon — the brand’s first theme park in Asia.

If you’re planning your first visit, below we’ve listed the following things that you should NOT miss to get the most of your stay. But if you already know what’s in store for you (or don’t want to know!), check out these Sunway Lagoon Ticket deals that you can book on WAUG:

Sunway Lagoon
Regular PriceDiscounted Rates
1. For Malaysian Nationals
➡️ Adult (13 years old and up)RM138RM129
2. For Non-Malaysian Passport Holders
➡️ Adult (13 years old and up)RM197RM175
➡️ Child (12 years old and below)RM165RM156
➡️ Seniors (60 years and up)RM165RM156

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Sunway Lagoon Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

With so many attractions that you can explore, there’s literally something for everyone at Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia. Whether you’d like to beat the heat in their cool pools, get up close with white lions, and even do bungee jumping, you’ll surely have a blast here.

1. Sunway Lagoon Water Park

One of the things that I love in Sunway Lagoon Water Park is their expansive pool area. Visitors spend most of their time here to ride the simulated waves at the Surf Pool or experience the Vuvuzela, the world’s largest, highest, and most epic water ride. If you’ll come with your friends, you’ll love the long slides at Cameroon Climb. For kids, they’ll have a blast at Little Zimbabwe, which is an African-themed pool village filled with slides and sprinklers.

2. Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park

Sunway Lagoon’s theme park is really all about having extreme fun. Here, you can walk on Malaysia’s longest suspension bridge (428m) and ride the 360-degree-turning (yes, 360!) ship called Pirate’s Revenge!

3. Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park

Tigers, lions, and exotic birds. These are just a few of the animals that live in Sunway Lagoon. You don’t need to have a particular interest for animals to appreciate this place; one look from the mother tiger and you’ll surely be moved!

4. Sunway Lagoon Scream Park


The Scream Park is exactly what it sounds like — it’s scary. Pretty much like a year-round horror house, here you can expect to be petrified as you walk in the room. At the top of the Scream Park, there’s an attraction called Sharknado Alive!, which resembles an asylum that you’ll have to get through for 15 minutes. Good luck.

5. Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon

This one had me at Nickelodeon, and I really loved my time here. The Lost Lagoon combines the hydro-facilities of Sunway Lagoon’s Water Park and a few elements of the Amusemement Park. Make sure to pay homage to Spongebob by visiting Splash Adventure, which is filled with geysers, water canons, and waterfalls. Also visit the Wonder Steps, which is filled with explorers’ camps and familiar pineapple columns!

6. X Park at Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

Finally, the X Park. If you want to do something fun (without getting wet!), then check out this place where you can do bungee jumping, go-karting, archery, and paint ball!

Want to learn more about the things to do in Malaysia’s Sunway Lagoon? Checked out the reviews of customers who booked their tickets with us!

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Location & Hours

Sunway Lagoon is located in 3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. They are open from 10am-6pm, with last admission at 5pm.

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