Taipei 101 Observatory Ticket: Should You Buy the Regular or Fast-Track?


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  • What makes visiting Taipei 101 worth it? Aside from the fact that the skyscraper looks beautiful and boasts panoramic views from its observatory decks, it also symbolizes a lot of good luck!
  • To gain admission, you can choose between two ticket options: the regular and fast-track.
  • The fast-track Taipei 101 Observatory ticket will let you skip the line, which is perfect when there’s too many people visiting. You can check the price and availability here.
  • If you want to buy the regular ticket, you can do so here. It only costs NT$540 or $17.25 on WAUG (vs. the regular selling price of NT$600!).
  • Still looking for a better Taipei 101 Observatory ticket deal? If you have not used WAUG before, you can get an extra $3 off on your first booking by signing up here!

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What’s special about Taipei 101?

Before booking your Taipei 101 observatory ticket, it might be helpful to know some things about the tower first. Right now, you’re probably unsure if it’s worth visiting, which is pretty understandable. After all, if you come to think of it, it might just be another up-in-the-clouds experience that you can get somewhere else.

But I beg to differ. Once you get to know the features of Taipei 101 and what they potentially symbolize, visiting its observatory will definitely feel fulfilling. Here are a few things that I think make it special:

1. The ‘101’ isn’t just about the number of floors

Taipei 101 has, of course, 101 floors that are above the ground. But the number means more than that. Figuratively, it could mean going beyond perfection, i.e. 100 + 1 (100 is the traditional number of perfection or wholeness).

2. Its design is similar to a pagoda and a bamboo stalk

If you ever find your travel buddies fight over what Taipei 101 resembles most — pagoda or bamboo stalk — tell them this: you’re both right. A little trivia: Chu-Yuan Lee, the tower’s architect, purposely constructed the main tower with those grand tiers (or upward segments) to get the pagoda look. He also chose the blue-green tint on the glass panels to evoke the appearance of a slender bamboo stalk. (If someone says that it looks like stacked Chinese take-out boxes, they’re not wrong too!)

3. It shows abundance

Take a good look at the main tower, and you’ll find 8 segments. If you take an even closer look, you’ll also see 8 floors per segment. This symbolizes abundance and good fortune, which, as you may know, are associated with the number 8 in the local culture.

4. It connotes healing powers


Taipei 101 is adorned with metal ruyi figures that are at least 8 meters tall (again, the number 8). If you’re unfamiliar with a ruyi, it’s an object that’s considered to have a magical power that brings healing. If your faith aligns with this system of belief, this is definitely a good reason to purchase a Taipei 101 observatory ticket.

5. It displays each of the seven colors per day

The tower’s light display is red on Monday, orange on Tuesday, yellow on Wednesday, green on Thursday, blue on Friday, indigo on Saturday, and violet on Sunday. You can catch the display from 6-10pm.

6. It has ultra-fast lifts

Now this is one good reason to purchase a Taipei 101 observatory ticket — the elevators. The skyscraper’s lifts can take you up from the 5th floor to the 89th floor in just 37 seconds. That’s more than 80 stories in less than a minute!

7. Taipei 101 houses the world’s biggest visible damper

Taipei 101 damper. Credit: Armand du Plessis

What’s the huge gold ball, you ask? That’s the damper, and it helps maintain Taipei 101’s stability against wind. It’s also one the world’s biggest and heaviest visible damper, which is definitely a notable feature of the skyscraper.

8. 360° views from all observatories


Now let’s get to the final feature (and possibly the most obvious one) — Taipei 101’s observatory deck. Here you can marvel at the city skyline, shop for gift items and souvenirs, learn more about the landmark via recorded voice tours, and even get snacks. There are observation decks on the 88th and 89th floors (both indoor), as well as the 91st and 101st floor (both outdoor).

Final trivia: it is said that the 101st floor houses an invite-only lounge called Summit 101. There’s not much information about this part of Taipei 101, except that only high-profile individuals can get in to the Summit.

Which Taipei 101 Observatory ticket to buy?

Now that you have some idea about what makes this skyscraper worth visiting, let’s consider your two ticket options to the observatory deck:


1. Taipei 101 Observatory Ticket (Fast-track)

Given the prominence of Taipei 101, you can only imagine the number of people that want to visit. If you’d like to skip the queue and get convenient access to the observatory, you can purchase a fast-track Taipei 101 Observatory ticket. WAUG offers it here for at least $6 less — a product that our users found very helpful! Here’s one customer review:

I was able to go up the observatory right away. The receptionist at the ticket booth on the 5/F took me to the elevator. The night view is beautiful.

Translated Taipei 101 observatory ticket review on WAUG | 2020-02-13

2. Taipei 101 Observatory Ticket (QR Code Entry)

The other option is the regular ticket that comes with a QR code entry feature. Typically, it sells for NT$600 each at the ticket booth (or around $20), but you can get in on WAUG here for only NT$540 (or $17.25)!

The regular Taipei 101 Observatory ticket is actually one of the best-reviewed products that we have in Taipei. Check out the customer feedback by clicking below:

How to book your Taipei 101 Observatory ticket on WAUG

If you’re not sure how to buy an admission ticket on our platform, just follow these simple steps!

  1. Sign up for an account here. (You’ll get the new member discount coupon worth $3 that you can use on this transaction!)
  2. Proceed to the booking page: Fast-track and Regular
  3. Select the quantity and date, and provide other essential information.
  4. Check out using your Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX.
  5. Wait for your voucher, which we’ll send via email and the app. (You can download WAUG here if you haven’t yet.)

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