20 Things to Do in Jeju Island on Your First Visit



  • Jeju Island, often referred to as the Hawaii of South Korea, is a great place to visit in the tailend of spring and summer.
  • It’s a volcanic island filled with vibrant fields, stunning beaches, theme parks, eco parks, and museums that make it the ideal holiday destination.
  • If it’s your first time visiting Jeju-do, then we suggest booking this convenient Pink Bus tour that locals recommend!
  • Finally, book all the fun things to do in Jeju on WAUG — the No. 1 travel activity booking platform from Korea. Sign up here and get a ₩3,000 or $3 coupon!

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Things to Do in Jeju Island for First-Time Visitors

Making a travel itinerary for Jeju is quite challenging, especially if you only have a couple of days to spend. The island, which is about an hour away from Seoul by plane, has so many activities and attractions that you’ll find hard to miss. We’ve listed most of them below, but if you only have 2 or 3 days to spend here, we highly recommend joining our tour. It’s called the WAUG Pink Jeju Island Bus Tour, and it goes to spots like the Handam Beach, Camellia Hill, Oedolgae, Hwanguji Coast, Soesokkak Estuary, and so much more. It’s a product that we originally designed for locals’ enjoyment in mind (and enjoy, they did!) but have further customized to suit the taste of foreigners as well.

Photo review of the WAUG Pink Jeju Island Bus Tour.

You can learn more about the tour here, but if you’re more of a DIY traveler who prefers making your itinerary, then consider the following attractions and things to do in Jeju Island that locals love:

1. Visit Jeju Shinhwa World

Garden pool with a view.

There’s no better way to kickstart your island adventure than by visiting Jeju Shinhwa World. This integrated resort features a theme park and a water park that offer travelers the chance to play and wind down — all without breaking the bank!

The kids will enjoy a lot of attractions here, including the only roller coaster in Jeju, water slides, and a 4D theater. For adults who plan to destress, Jeju Shinhwa World has indoor and roof garden pools that are equipped with massage jets. This is perfect if you want to cool down and enjoy a fun body treatment. Oh, there’s also a nice recreation pool that overlooks the resort, so if you’re traveling with your special someone, then make sure not to miss this spot!

WAUG offers tickets to Shinhwa World with up to 67% discount. If you book here, you can get admission to the Shinhwa Water Park starting at ₩7,490 or $6.4 (varies per season) and the Shinhwa Theme Park at just ₩12,900 or $11!

To see more of Shinhwa World’s amenities, you can read our guide here. They are located at 38, Sinhwayeoksa-ro 304beon-gil, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea.


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2. Explore the floral garden at Camellia Hill


Camellia Hill is constantly featured as a popular site on the island’s official website, so it’s only right that we have it up on this list of things to do in Jeju Island. The attraction has, of course, beautiful Camellias, which are dense shrubs that look perfect in any season. But the Hill also has hundreds of other plant species, so you’re sure to discover Insta-worthy corners whichever way you look.

Many visitors say that the best time to visit Camellia Hill is during the autumn season, but the attraction also blooms beautifully in summer and spring. If you plan to check out this place, then make sure to drop by in their cafe to see art pieces that feature the locale.

An admission ticket to Camellia Hill regularly costs ₩8,000 or $6.9, but you can book it on WAUG below for only ₩6,500 or $5.6. They are located in 166, Byeongak-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea.

3. Enter the Maze Land

If you haven’t been inside a maze, then you should check out this attraction in Jeju-do. The concept itself is quite unique and exciting (just watch the 60-second video above!), but the thing that I love most about Maze Land is that it features the natural elements that define Jeju: trees and volcanic basalt rocks. This is definitely an exciting culture-awareness activity that you and your group shouldn’t miss!

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A ticket to Maze Land usually costs ₩12,000 or $10.3, but you can book one below for only ₩9,900 or $8.5. The attraction is located at 2134-47, Vijarim-ro Embank-eup, Jeju City.

4. Go retro at Jeju Island’s Fairy and the Woodcutter Theme Park


This Jeju Island attraction is named after the popular Korean folklore called The Fairy and the Woodcutter (선녀와 나무꾼), but it offers an entirely different experience. The story depicts the contrast of heavenly and earthly beings (or desires), but this theme park is actually about going back in time, specifically to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s version of Korea. Therefore, you can expect to see interactive exhibitions of the old Seoul Station, hillside villages, schools, and markets, which you will find very amusing, especially if you’ve been to Seoul (the modern Seoul, just to be clear!). If you’ll have this in your list of things to do in Jeju Island, then make sure to try on the old Korean school uniform for fun!

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A ticket to The Fairy and the Woodcutter Theme Park in Jeju costs ₩11,000 or $9.5, but you can book it for less here. They are open from 8:30am-6pm and are located at 1997 Seonheul-ri, Jochon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea.

5. Explore Gotjawal Forest

Enjoy the lakeside deck!

Often referred to as the “lungs of Jeju”, Gotjawal Forest spans 6% of the island. During the summer, many locals come to this area as it is notably cooler than other similar sites. It is great for outdoor excursions, so if you’re looking for nice trails, this is the place to visit.

Gotjawal Forest is housed inside Eco Land, a theme park in Jeju that you can explore via an old-school train. It has 5 stops or stations, namely the Main Station, the Eco Bridge Station, Lake Side Station, the Picnic Garden Station, and the Lavender, Green Tea, & Rose Garden Station, which is available only from April to November.

Out of all the stops, the most enjoyable one is the Eco Bridge Station. Here you can enjoy walking on a 300-meter deck that overlooks a lake, chill inside the Cafe Over Water (yep, the name’s pretty straightforward!), find the Instagrammable windmill, and enjoy a foot bath.

When purchased onsite, a ticket to Eco Land costs ₩15,000 or $12.9, but you can book it below for only ₩12,200 or $10.5.

6. Enjoy the scents at Jeju Herb Garden


Many attractions in Jeju-do are known to be visually appealing, but there’s only a handful of places like the Herb Garden or Herb Dongsan that’s popular for smelling so good. Exploring this site is a treat to the senses, especially during the autumn when the fields turn pink and let off aromatic scents. There’s a lot of LED installations in this place too, so I suggest visiting at 5pm so you can catch the festive light displays.

7. See Jeju Island’s Sangumburi Crater


Different from typical craters or parasitic cones, Sangumburi in Jeju Island is widely considered to be flat. Don’t let the photo above fool you; when taken from a good high angle, the Sangumburi Crater does look like a stadium, but when you run a Google image search, the results will leave you wondering where the crater is. That’s because it’s only 100 meters deep!

So is it dangerous to visit? Fair question, especially if you plan to include this in your list of things to do in Jeju Island. But, no, it’s actually very safe to visit Sangumburi. Expect to enjoy the sights of a variety of fruits and plants, from Magnolias to the winter strawberries!

Visiting this crater in Jeju — which was designated as Natural Monument No. 263, by the way! — will typically set you back ₩6,000. However, you can score a ₩100 discount per ticket by booking online below.

8. Discover the art pieces in Jeju Loveland


Erotic and humorous. These are the words to describe Jeju Loveland. With sensual art pieces that are designed to be, erm, toyed with, it’s no surprise to find a lot of local and foreign visitors in this place. If you want to see some of the installations that await your visit, then click here!

Jeju Loveland is located at 2894-72, 1100-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea.

9. Take the scenic rail bike


After looking into the best theme parks in Jeju, let’s now move onto the exciting activities that you can have on the island! First on the list is the scenic rail bike. Yes, the cars in the picture above look rusty and old, but, as locals have it, they carry the true charm of the attraction. As you move around the track, you will discover the simple countryside. The trip will start at the remarkable Yongnuni Oreum, Jeju’s most famous volcanic crater, and will finish at Sungsan Ilchulbong, the Sunrise Peak. Add this experience to your list of things to do in Jeju by booking a ticket at a discounted price of ₩9,800 or $8.4 below:

10. Go go-kart racing in Jeju


If you’re looking for things to do in Jeju Island that your family can enjoy, then you must consider go-kart racing! Seri World offers two-seater karts, so you and your kids can race for fun (safety mats and pads are installed for an injury-free experience!). The activity’s definitely perfect for the hot summer days, but no one will stop you to do kart racing even in the rain.

WAUG offers the Seri World Go-Kart Experience for only $12,500 or $10.75 from the original price of $25,000 or $21.5!

11. Hop on an ATV tour

While ATV tours are rarely associated with Jeju, it’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to explore the island. If you are an adventure-seeker who is above 16 years old, you would definitely enjoy the experience. The roads will be bumpy, but the memories that you and your friends can create here will certainly last for a lifetime.

Several ATV courses are available for booking on WAUG, but the basic one runs for 30 minutes and covers 6km. Find more information below.

12. Fly over the green tea fields


You probably know about the famous green tea farms in Jeju, but did you know that you can zipline over them? Well, yes, you can! But if the thought scares you, consider this: as it turns out, a lot of WAUG users had their very first ziplining experience in Jeju (and enjoyed it!), so I really encourage you to give it a second thought. You will find their reviews and stories here, along with other pertinent booking information.

13. Have a kayak adventure


You know it’s a great summer activity when it involves water and tall trees. No, I’m not just talking about hitting the beach, but the kayak experience offered by Vicheollin in Jeju! This attraction is popular among family vacationers who would like to cool down, so if you’ll visit anytime from June to early September, make sure to come to this place.

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You may have figured it out already, but WAUG offers discounted kayaking tickets below. Vicheollin is located at 725-1 Panpo-ri, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea and are open from 9am-6pm.

14. Sled in Jeju during the summer or winter


If you haven’t realized by now that you can pretty much do everything in Jeju, then get this: they also have a place where you can sled! Expect no natural or cultural exploration here — just the excitement of getting wet in the summer and making snow angels during winter!

Book this activity that can be enjoyed year-round for only ₩9,000 or $7, from the original rate of ₩12,000 or $10.

15. Ride Jeju’s mythical horses


Great— another thing to ride on? Well, yes, but before you bite my head off, you need to hold your horses! Corny jokes aside, Jeju’s stallions and mares are actually quite mythical. In the past, they were considered a gift fitting for Korea royalties, so their breed now is considered quite special. There was a time when they almost got instinct, but the government ensured that they wouldn’t. If you want to experience the legacy — so to speak — and include this activity in your list of things to do in Jeju, you will find 8 options on WAUG. However, the cheapest horseback riding place is in Seri World, which you can book here for only ₩6,000 or $5.2!

16. Watch a show in the world’s first horse theme park

World’s first horse theme park!

Looking for shows or performances to watch in Jeju? You should check out the renowned Laon The Ma Park Horse Show. It’s staged by professional equestrians and equestriennes who have been doing this for years, so expect to be impressed by their tricks. During the show’s break times, you and your kids will be allowed to feed the hungry horses, so expect to get up close and personal with the Jeju breed! Book the ticket below for only ₩11,900 or $10.2!

17. Visit the Seongsan Ilchulbong, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

A UNESCO World Heritage site in Korea.

Koreans usually go up to high places to watch the first sunrise of each year, and many visit Seongsan Ilchulbong in Jeju Island. Also known as the Sunrise Peak, it has a crater that’s 90 meters deep, which is where locals gather solemnly to welcome the new year. The crater is rich in vegetation, so it’s also a very worthwhile place to visit no matter which time of the year it is — not to mention that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, too!

If you plan to visit this notable Jeju-do attraction, then check out the Eastern Jeju Island bus tour below:

18. Walk along Gwangchigi Beach


Travelers who go on an Eastern Jeju tour usually have the Gwangchigi Beach on their list of things to do in Jeju Island. Why so, you ask? It’s the best place to take a photo with the Seongsan Ilchulbong as the background! The attraction is not exactly the typical beach where you can laze away, but, in many ways, it demonstrates the volcanic activities that brought about the development of the surrounds. Make your way to Gwangchigi by booking the tour below:

19. Learn Korean tea tradition at Osulloc Tea Museum


If you’ve ever been to Seoul or have done some research about the capital, you probably know that one of the must-try cafes in Korea is Osulloc. They serve a variety of premium green tea products, from lattes and shakes, to ice cream, cakes, and pastries. Osulloc sources their tea products from the island of Jeju, so it’s only fitting to visit this place if you’ll travel here.

If you have mad love for green tea or if you haven’t tried the Jeju variant yet, then you should make sure to visit the Osulloc Tea Museum. It’s the highlight of the Southern Jeju Island Day Tour, which you can book below:

20. Have a picnic at Innisfree Jeju House

Innisfree Jeju House entrance fee

Another Insta-worthy attraction and cafe that you can visit is Innisfree Jeju House. Aside from it being an Insta-worthy place to visit, you can do various activities here, from having a nice picnic (with a view!) or even making your own green-tea infused soap! They also have a very attractive cafe, and you can book your drinks and cakes below starting at ₩6,800:

Need a Jeju Island map?

Handy Jeju Island map.

Whether you’re in Jeju right now and are looking for nearby things-to-do, or if you simply want to have an accessible map of the island, you can use WAUG’s mobile site or app! Get it from the App Store or Google Play Store below or click here to bookmark the web version.

How to Book Things to Do in Jeju Online

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*Is your method-of-payment issued in South Korea? You can switch the page’s currency to KRW so you can see the other local payment options, like phone payment!

Enjoy your Jeju island trip!

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