10 Best Things to Do in Seoul in 2021: Guide for Expats


Top Things to Do in Seoul 2021

Looking to discover more of Seoul in 2021? Check out the following activities that you can try on the weekend or your free time!

1. Have a picnic at Mangwon Hangang Park

While Han River is commonly associated with activities like running, cycling, and the Eland Cruise, the scenic waterway is also an ideal spot for picnickers. During spring, summer, and early fall, many locals come out to Mangwon Hangang Park to enjoy the cool weather, calming river, and, of course, some chicken and beer! Many people lay a picnic blanket on the grass-filled grounds, but most prefer setting up a tent especially amid COVID-19. If you find yourself with nothing to do when it’s nice out, just take the bus or subway to Mangwon Hangang Park and rent a themed tent and/or picnic set for that instant Hangang getaway! Book a tent for 3-6 people below starting at only ₩11,900:

2. See the ‘Museum of Colors’ at 63 Art

Aside from the exciting Aqua Planet and the grand 63 Buffet Pavilion, 63 Building in Yeouido is also home to Seoul’s gallery in the sky. 63 Art, located on the 60th floor, features exciting exhibits and a spectacular view of the city skyline. On display until August 29 is the Museum of Colors, which showcases artworks and pieces that local artists relate to various hues. (I recently saw the exhibit and liked the Blue Room and Green Room the most!). After seeing Museum of Colors, you can spend some time in the cafe (also on the 60th floor) where you can marvel at the view of the western and central parts of Seoul!

Tickets for 63 Art cost ₩15,000, but you can get a 20% discount by booking below:

3. Rediscover N Seoul Tower and get a bird’s eye view of Seoul from the observatory

Before you dismiss this recommendation, let me say that there’s a huge LED room in store for N Seoul Tower Observatory visitors! If you haven’t seen it yet, this is a mini-attraction that displays informational and inspiring videos, including clips of BTS, immersive explainers of Korean history, and vivid abstract art. Turn on your camera’s night mode and take the perfect selfie before you take in the panorama of Seoul from up the observatory!

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4. Update your hanbok portrait at Gyeongbok Palace

We all know how Gyeongbokgung gets crowded before COVID-19 happened, so why not take advantage of this period when significantly fewer people come to the palace? Take time to explore Gyeongbokgung’s grounds once again and snap a new hanbok photo without the photobombers! If you want to level up your hanbok portrait, you can rent a luxury hanbok here starting at ₩13,200. Take note that you get free admission to Gyeongbok Palace if you’re wearing a hanbok!

5. Visit a hanok cafe

South Korea is known to have a lively cafe scene, so this list of the top things to do in Seoul in 2021 would be incomplete without mentioning a coffeeshop. If you want to level up your coffee experience, visit Cafe Nieun near Changdeok Palace. It’s a nice cafe built inside a hanok or a traditional Korean house, which is great for a get-together, date, and even some me-time. They make delicious carrot cakes, ginger lattes, and Korean sweet rice drinks (sikhye), which you can book at a discounted price below:

6. Take an audio-guided tour in Seochon

Immerse yourself in Seochon, one of the oldest villages in Seoul! WAUG offers vouchers for Routela, an app that you can use you to get a guided audio tour as you stroll Tongin Market, Hyoja Bakery, and Suseong-dong Valley. (It’ll also give you some recommendations on the best photo zones in the area!) This is perfect if you want to tour Seoul’s hidden gems without a tour guide, which means you can take your time taking in the soul and beauty of the village!

As of writing, the audio tour is provided in Korean language only. To learn more about Routela app and book discounted vouchers, click below:

7. Try pub-class tteokbokki

We’ve all had our share of Korean street food in mom-and-pop carts in Seoul, but have you tried having tteokbokki in a pub? While I absolutely love having these Korean treats in Hongdae and Hyehwa, there’s something different about having it in CrazyFry, a modern and casual pub in Yeouido. They offer Korean rice cakes in a large platter, which come with a huge gimmari, squid, pork cutlet, or fried chicken. The platters cost ₩13,000-23,000, but you can book discounted vouchers here worth ₩20,000 and ₩40,000 for only ₩18,000 and ₩36,000, respectively.

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8. Go wall climbing in Seoul

Looking for fun ways to get active? Aside from getting a gym membership in Korea, one of the things that you can do in Seoul this 2021 is bouldering or wall climbing! You can visit this facility in Sangam, which is suitable for climbers of all ages. If you don’t have any experience and want to get some training, they also offer 1-day wall climbing classes to help you learn the techniques in no time!

9. Experience the red ginseng massage treatment in Myeongdong

One of the things that you can only get in Korea is the pampering red ginseng treatment offered by Spa 1899 Donginbi. The spa makes use of special oil concoctions made by CheongKwanJang, the country’s leading red ginseng brand. Reinvigorate your skin as you treat yourself to a relaxing full-body massage or facial treatment. For a more thorough service, you can also avail of their Purifying and Slow Aging packages that have foot massage!

10. Try the Blue Ribbon Survey-listed restaurant in Hongdae

Finally, one of the best things that you can do in Seoul this 2021 is have a gourmet foodie experience in Hongdae! Ditch your usual spot in for The Dam, a multi-awarded restaurant in Seoul that is also one of the most booked products on WAUG. If it’s your first time to visit Korea, you can sample modern Korean food here, including grilled rice cakes, char-grilled pork, sirloin beef rolls, and more! Check out the menu of The Dam by clicking below:

(First time to use WAUG? You’ll get an extra ₩3,000 discount coupon after signing up! 🎉)


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