How to Apply for a Travel Pass in Quezon City via Email


Those who need a Quezon City travel pass may send their request and requirements via email at


  • During MECQ period only, if you need to leave Quezon City to go to another LGU for important matters, you should apply for a travel pass. You can do so via email.
  • The requirements include a letter of request, a government-issued ID, and a health clearance.
  • For any questions or clarifications, you may contact the QC Hall at 884242 loc. 1101 & 8425.
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Who should get a travel pass in Quezon City?


On May 18, the QC government released guidelines for travel pass application amid the modified enhanced community quarantine or MECQ. You’ll need to apply for one if you must leave Quezon City for indispensable or emergency purposes or if you have other reasons that are not included in the exemption (list below). This is especially important in case authorities or other LGU’s request you to present a travel pass.

Who are exempt from the QC travel pass application?


The following individuals who will enter and leave Quezon City are NOT required to present a travel pass:

1. Employees & self-employed

If you will report to work or attend to business, you do not need a travel pass. You only have to show your company ID (for employees) or your Barangay Quarantine Pass (for self-employed).

2. Delivery personnel

If you work for a company that’s engaged in delivery, courier, or cargo services, you are exempt from getting a travel pass.

3. Business owners in QC who will resume operation

If you have a QC-based business that’s permitted to re-open, you only need to show your business permit if authorities request for proof.

4. COVID-19 Responders

In lieu of a travel pass, you only need to show your health worker ID, hospital ID, IATF Authorized Person Outside Residence (APOR) ID, or any identification issued by the national government.

To reiterate, if you want to leave Quezon City and are not among those who are exempt, you should get a travel pass.

How to Apply for a Travel Pass in QC: Requirements

Residents of Quezon City are encouraged to send their travel pass application to this email address: Here are the requirements to attach:

1. Letter of Request

The letter should be addressed to: Office of the City Administrator, Quezon City. It should have the following information:

  • Contact number
  • Destination
  • Origin
  • Date of travel
  • Reason for travel
  • Vehicle model/License No.
  • Driver’s name
  • Passenger’s name

To make life easy, here’s a simple template that you may want to use for your email:


Office of the City Administrator
Quezon City

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to request for a travel pass. Please see below the information that you require:

  • Contact number:
  • Destination:
  • Origin:
  • Date of travel:
  • Reason for travel:
  • Vehicle model/License No.:
  • Driver’s name:
  • Passenger’s name:

Attached in the email you will find a copy of my ID and health clearance.

With gratitude and appreciation,


2. ID Card

Submit a scanned (or photographed) government-issued identification card that has your profile photo.

3. Health Clearance

This should have been issued by a doctor.

That’s it! These are all the documents needed to get a travel pass in Quezon City, but note that the LGU may request for additional documents if necessary.

Processing Time & Pick-Up

QC travel passes will be processed in three (3) working days. When ready for pick-up, you will be notified through the contact number you provided.

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To view the guidelines and check if any information has changed, or if you want to know about the updates on COVID-19 and the MECQ, visit the official website of the Quezon City Local Government. You may also contact them at 884242 loc. 1101 & 8425.

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