7 Things You’ll Like About WAUG — Korea’s Best Travel App


The discount coupon for new members is just one of the things to love about WAUG!



  • Thinking about having a nice weekend in your city or a holiday overseas? Tap open WAUG — the best activity booking app from South Korea.
  • You’ll love the handpicked tours, attraction passes, and restaurants that you can book at a discount.
  • Find nearby things to do using our handy Map feature and get instant confirmation on most products.
  • Start exploring the world or the bit around you. Download WAUG here today!

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Hi! We’re WAUG.

Let’s start with a little trivia, shall we? If you know how to speak Korean or are studying it, you might be curious to know if WAUG or 와그 is a word in the dictionary. No, it’s actually not. WAUG stands for “Where are yo(u) going?”, which, as you may know, is a question that we usually get from friends before we go on a trip. You can think of WAUG as that buddy, but add in the fact that we can be there with you in that moment when you decide to travel, curate your itinerary, book activities, and even get passes at the very last minute.

But before that, you may want to know how to say WAUG properly. 😃 If you are unsure how it’s done, watch our video above with Lee Je Hoon. He’s possibly the best person to teach you! (TIP! Subtitles in English are available.)

Things to Love About WAUG

Done? Good job! Now, let’s move on to what you came for: what makes WAUG the best travel app in Korea and how people from other countries can start using it too. Here are a couple of things:

1. Book your future trip at a discount


Whether you’re looking to book a SIM card in Korea, a surfing lesson in Bali, or an express-entry ticket to Ocean Park Hong Kong, expect to score a discount when you book with WAUG.

2. Try restaurants near you

Feeling hungry? Eat our for less when you book one of the restaurants on WAUG! This is perfect if you’d like to order a meal in a foreign city that doesn’t speak your language or if you’d like to try out a good food spot in your home city. If you’re ever in Tokyo, you can even book a couple of Michelin-starred restaurants straight from the app!

3. Make your weekend memorable


Use WAUG even if you’re not traveling! If you want to level up your weekend, use WAUG’s Map feature to browse some nearby activities to try for the day. If you’re from Taiwan, pack a bag and spend a day at the Peace Island. Living in the Philippines? Join this heart-pumping activity in Cebu for a truly memorable experience!


Explore near you

Use WAUG’s Map to see restaurants, museums, and spas in and around your area.

4. Get Instant Confirmation and Mobile Vouchers


Immerse in the experience rather than wait for it! With WAUG, you can book most activities instantly and get fast access to a restaurant or attraction using a mobile voucher.

5. Experience WAUG Originals

A WAUG Original packs all the fun activities in popular destinations like Guam, Bangkok, Boracay, Cebu, and Kota Kinabalu. Each tour is facilitated by local experts and is mostly designed to suit Korean travelers’ preferences, but tourists from other countries will surely enjoy the experience as well.*

*Please note that not all WAUG Originals tours are available in English.

6. Get rewarded with WAUG Points

Exploring has never been this rewarding.

If you love going on a trip, then don’t miss out on WAUG’s loyalty program! Whenever you make a booking with us, we give back 1% of the total transaction in terms of WAUG Points. You can then use these points for your future bookings, be it for a romantic date with your partner or a family trip that’s long overdue.

7. Welcome & Discount Coupons


Finally, one of the best things to love about our activity booking app is the welcome coupon that we give to new users. You can use it to get a discount on your first booking and for any activity that you’d like! What’s more is that if you let us know your experience by writing a review, we’ll even send you a discount coupon worth up to $3! Find more information on the WAUG Benefits section that you can see when you view your profile.

Connect with WAUG

Before you go, let’s find a way to keep in touch. Like us on Facebook or Instagram to get our latest deals and content. ‘Til our next adventure!

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Short for "Where are you going?", WAUG is the #1 Activity & Accommodation Booking Platform from South Korea.