Booking a Hotel + Flight in Korea Soon? Get Up to 18% Payback With WAUG!


Planning to take a trip in the next couple of weeks? Until November 30, 2020, you can book your accommodation + flight with the WAUG app here and get up to 18% payback! 🥳

WAUG x x Jeju Air Payback Promo

If you’re thinking about traveling in the next couple of weeks, whether to enjoy the chilly season or celebrate Christmas and New Year’s, hear this: WAUG, in partnership with and Jeju Air, is running a promotion where you can get up to 18% payback in WAUG points! Yes, aside from the discount that WAUG has for properties worldwide, you can also get up to 18% payback in the form of points, which you can use to book activities, like this bungee jumping activity in Gyeonggi-do, pizza place in Seoul, and even a gym membership, just to name a few!

Here are the mechanics for the WAUG x x Jeju Air November 2020 promotion:

1. Download the WAUG app

The payback promo is only available on the WAUG app, so make sure to install it if you haven’t yet!

2. Select the destination of your trip

WAUG offers activities and accommodations in various cities and provinces in South Korea! Just select the destination you’re visiting and find the Stay icon on the main menu, e.g. Seoul > Stay

3. Find hotels with the “15% Payback” icon

Taking the two accommodations in the photo on #2, let’s calculate the benefits that you’ll get when you book through the WAUG app!

PropertyRegular DiscountWAUG Points Payback (15%)Promo
1. Hotel Cappuccino
2. L7 Hongdae by Lotte₩84,150-₩12,622-₩10,729₩60,799
*Not reflective of the actual transaction total.

As you can see, with the WAUG x Payback Promo, it’ll be like booking L7 Hotel in Hongdae for as low as ₩60,799 since you’ll get ₩10,729 in the form of points! (Take note that once you select a participating property from the WAUG app, you’ll be taken to where you’ll complete the transaction.)

4. Book a flight on Jeju Air using promo code JEJUWAUG20

After finalizing your accommodation on, you can then get ₩2,000 off on your Jeju Air flight by using promo code JEJUWAUG20. You can do this by logging into your Jeju Air account and applying the coupon on the designated page.

After completing your flight reservation, you can then apply for the payback, which is 3% for Jeju Air! More details below:

5. Apply for Payback

To get the actual payback from your hotel and flight bookings, fill out this application form before November 30, 2020! The form is in Korean, but you can easily translate it to your preferred language using a web or mobile browser (via Google Translate or Papago extension).

Some final notes to keep in mind:

  • Payback rates are as follows: 15% for and 3% for Jeju Air
  • Reserving an accommodation on via the WAUG app is until November 30, 2020. (The stay period is from November 2 – December 31, 2020!)
  • The coupon code JEJUWAUG20 for Jeju Air is available until November 30, 2020.
  • Payback application deadline is November 30, 2020.

6. Enjoy your WAUG points!

So, what exactly can you do with these points? From our example above, booking a one-night stay at Hotel Cappuccino in Gangnam will get you around ₩11,402 points. You can either use this to book activities on WAUG with a similar value or save it until you have enough for your next trip or day off! Go ahead and check out all the activities on the app here.

(Remember, each time you book on WAUG, you earn WAUG points that you can use to reserve any activity! 🎉)

Start booking your next staycation or trip

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Featured image from Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul.

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